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Hi! I’m Demetri,

an Artist, Host, Producer, Blogger, Podcaster

From hosting three podcasts, to starting a blog, to being a photographer and painter, Demetri is a man of many talents. He is always looking for any time or way that he can express himself creatively. Not only does he have his own podcast, “Okay, Bet!”, he also co-hosts “Voices of Reason” and “Blockbusters & Chart-toppers” with his production partner, co-founder of Figure It Out Productions, and friend Spencer.


Hailing from a family of artists, his passion for art stemmed from generations past. His grandmother was a ceramic artist; his aunt is a visual artist; his uncle, an art collector; and his mother, a poet. Demetri was exposed to art throughout his youth, but it was not until he was injured and was no longer able to play sports that he found his true artistic passion. When an injury pulled him off the court, Demetri entered his senior of high school with a newfound curiosity and admiration for photography. Since then, Demetri has fallen in love with all things art and has had the honor of having his work highlighted in exhibits such as Pancakes & Booze and the RAW Artist Showcase. In 2018, his piece Untitled was one of a handful selected out of approximately 17,000 submissions for the Arts Guild of Sonoma. 


Demetri is an artist that knows boundaries. As a photographer, he aims to capture those pure moments that transports one to a place of nostalgia, a place close to one’s heart. With his paintings, he hopes to create fun, interactive pieces that dive into the imagination of the viewer. Through thought-provoking podcast, he amplifies untold stories of his community as they connect to his personal narrative. His blog invites readers into the most vulnerable areas of his heart, reflecting on his own struggles, success, and how they have gotten him to where he is today.

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