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Demetri Tyler, born April 16th, 1995 is a photographer, specializing in film photography from Oakland, California. Hailing from a family of artists, his passion for art stemmed from generations past. His grandmother was a ceramic artist; his aunt is a visual artist; his uncle, an art collector; and his mother, a poet. Demetri was exposed to art throughout his youth, but it was not until he was injured and no longer able to play sports that he found his true artistic passion. When an injury pulled him off the court, Demetri entered his senior of high school with a newfound curiosity and admiration for photography. 


Since then, he has fallen in love with all things art and has had the honor of having his work highlighted in exhibits such as Pancakes & Booze and the RAW Artist Showcase. In 2018, Demetri was among those recognized by the Arts Guild of Sonoma out of over 17,000 submissions from artists across the nation.  


Demetri is an artist that knows no boundaries. As a photographer, he aims to capture pure moments that transport one to a place of nostalgia, a place close to one’s heart. His images invite viewers into the most vulnerable areas of his and his subject's heart, lives, and realities. 


Art Shows & Exhibits

  • Pancakes & Booze Art Show (2018 & 2020)

  • Raw Artist Art Showcase (2018)

  • Age of Anxiety exhibit at Arts Guild of Sonoma (2018)

  • Glimpse exhibit at Art Guild of Sonoma (2024)


Artist Profiles


Artistic Statement

Photography serves as both a powerful form of self-expression and a tool for documentation. Through my lens, I capture images that not only resonate with hidden facets of my own character, but also offer a deeper understanding of my reality and a unique perspective on the world. I encapsulate moments and subjects in their purest form, revealing their true essence. Consequently, my photography enables me to delve into fragments of life in an abstract manner, while also providing an opportunity to connect with individuals I would otherwise never encounter. 


My ultimate objective is to employ my camera as a means of capturing truth. Whether it be the truth of exceptional beauty, profound love, or unsettling ugliness, my aim is to unveil the authenticity that lies within. 


The subjects I choose to photograph are driven by intuition and a relentless eagerness to partake in the unfolding narratives that surround me. I am drawn to the enigmatic, seeking out the luminosity concealed within shadows, the stories that remain obscure at first glance, and the extraordinary concealed within the ordinary. By capturing individuals within their environments, my curiosity is piqued regarding what secrets lie behind their eyes, the paths they have traversed, and the aspirations they hold for the future.

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