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Okay, Bet! Let me Introduce Myself

Alright it’s time to do this awkward introduction and icebreakers. My name is Demetri and I am from Oakland, CA and my favorite color is purple.

Are we well acquainted now?

All jokes aside welcome to my new Blog, “Okay, Bet! The Blog”. I am very excited that you have chose to come here and read my words that I have typed for you here in the internet.

Well I’m sure you are wondering what I soon to accomplish here on this blog. Well I am honestly trying something new. I have never been the biggest fan of writing in my past but I’m trying to challenge myself to create in a different way. I’m hoping to tell stories of my life, pass on. Some knowledge I have gained, share my experiences that maybe someone on the World Wide Web can relate to. I hope to become a stinger writer through this process and hopefully encourage more people to write or blog or find any creative outlet.

I also would love for this to be a community for everyone to share their own stories. One of the values we have here at “Okay, Bet!” Is that we value everyone voice and story and believe that all are voices are important and should be heard. I hope to learn from all of you as well as this community continues to grow.

I'm excited to share my thoughts, stories, feelings, experiences, and lessons with all you and I hope that you are all excited for the journey as well.

I am going to try to post 2 blogs per month, but let’s not hold me to that too strongly. (Sweats with anxiety)

Welp until I post again.

To Give Love is to Receive Love

- Metri

P.S. - There is another Blog out!


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